• Phone : +91-8669986652
  • Opening Time : 9:30am-5:30pm
  • Address : Mouza Khokarla, Khat Road, Bhandara
School Of Scholars,Bhandara.A Co-educational English Medium School,Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi (Affiliation No.1130403)

Our Principal

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Principal's Desk

The ultimate goal of School of Scholars is to create a generation of Global Indian citizens infused with values who will lead India from emerging state to maturity. Parents have a very important role to play in addition to the school as they will have to stand up and reinforce the values that are being indulged in by the school. Through a combination of activities and academics, we think that we will be able to bring about holistic development in the child. In this manner, we will be sowing the seeds for our nation's future. Our team of mentors will not leave any stone unturned in ensuring that the country reaps a rich harvest of future ready value-driven leaders who are able to put the nation back on the path to prosperity ethically.

Our efforts at SOS are to ensure that our students imbibe the qualities that would help them balance excellence and academics with creativity and compassion. The objective of education metamorphosed with the passage of time and need of the globe. I prefer to create situations where a child challenges his own ability and hence becomes his own competitor and thus keep improving and rediscovering himself. He learns to cooperate and collaborate with others. Along with sharpening his intellect he adds on to his emotional strength too. Such learning practices make a child a happy individual who helps in creating a healthy society.

Our endeavor at SOS is to provide the student with the guidelines to shape him into a versatile human being ready to take up all challenges that life throws at him. To achieve this we have a curriculum which initiates an urge to learn within the child and gently goads him to try out untested paths of learning. Ably guided by a faculty which prides itself for grooming some very well turned out scholars, the student in this institution gets the right environment for growth through varied cultural and extracurricular activities.

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